Full boarding services are available for mammals, bird, reptiles and amphibians throughout the year. Every possible effort is made to make your pets comfortable while you are away. Herbivores get fresh greens daily and ferrets, skunks and prairie dogs are allowed "scamper time" in the exam rooms as time allows.

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Rabbit Adoptions

Broward Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital works closely with the South Florida Wildlife Center and The Miami Chapter of the House Rabbit Society (see links page) to adopt out rescued and abandoned rabbits to loving new homes.

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Surgical Care

Routine surgical services such as spaying and neutering are available in addition to advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgical care for birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and fish.


Broward Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital is fully equipped with a Stortz 2.7mm rigid endoscopy unit. This endoscopy system can be used for a wide variety of applications such as surgical sexing of birds, exploratory surgeries for organ biopsies in birds and reptiles as well as many uses in our mammalian patients. Dr. Kelleher has had advanced formal training in endoscopy.


The Ultrasound equipment allows us to perform detailed, noninvasive evaluations of the heart and abdominal organs of all species. Dr. Kelleher has received advanced formal training in ultrasonography.

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Vet to Vet Consultations

Dr. Kelleher and her Associates are available for consults with other veterinarians. At this time there is no charge for consults regarding their cases. Although individual pet owners will often call from out of state for consults on their pets on behalf, of their veterinarians, we maintain a strict policy of vet to vet only consults. This is done for the best interest of your pet. It is very important that clients maintain a good relationship with their local veterinarian. Also, by speaking directly to the veterinarian there is less likelihood of subtle, vital nuances of a medical case being communicated incorrectly or misinterpreted.

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Well Animal and Preventive Care

Our "non-tradional" exotic pet patients require just as much, if not more preventive and wellness care than their dog and cat counterparts. We recommend a wellness exam as soon as possible after you obtain your new pet. This allows us the opportunity to help you get your new family member set up with the best possible diet, care and husbandry right from the start. Unfortunately, improper diet is too often responsible for a very high percentage of illness in avian and exotic patients. Our veterinarians and staff enjoy taking time to teach clients about proper handling, behavior, feeding and care of their pets.

Pre-purchase or pre-adoption counseling is also available and encouraged. There are many, many new and more exotic species available in the pet trade each year. We strongly encourage clients to call or come in so that we can help counsel you regarding the special characteristics and needs of the exotic pet you are interested in BEFORE you purchase or adopt them. This helps ensure a good match for you and your family as well as the best possible care for the pet you choose.

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Advanced Dentistry

We take a comprehensive approach to dental care at our hospital. Ferrets just like dogs and cats can build up bacteria (plaque) which can eventually cause inflammation of the gums, infection of the tooth and in advance stages can cause the tooth to become loose. Rabbits can also develop dental disease usually related to the continuous growth of their teeth. Abnormal nutrition, abnormal wear, trauma and/or metabolic bone disease can make the incisors, premolars and molars become overgrown and in advanced stages abscesses can develop. Prairie dogs are predisposed to develop deformities of the root of the maxillary incisors (Elodontoma). The root of these teeth enlarges and causes significant inflammation of the surrounding tissues which in turn can cause respiratory distress and decreased appetite and activity level. For dental cases we perform the following:

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Cleaning of each tooth, including below the gum line (ferrets)
  • Pain and stress control
  • Careful maintenance and monitoring of the patient before, during and after anesthesia
  • Extraction of any unhealthy teeth
  • Digital radiographs of the teeth and supporting bones (as needed)

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a new modality in our clinic that has proven to be very successful and a great treatment tool for our loved pets. Laser therapy helps increase ATP (energy source) in the cells which helps increase cellular function, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, improve transport of nutrients across the cell membrane, increase circulation, and reduce swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness and pain. This translates into wounds, fractures and incisions healing faster. Please visit our laser link for detail information, applications and educational videos.

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In-house Laboratory and Digital Radiography

Our facility is equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform digital radiographs (x-rays), cytologies, fecal examinations, urinalysis, serum chemistry, electrolytes and blood gas analysis. Our x-ray machine obtains true digital images which provide excellent resolution. This is vital to be able to analyze images from patients as small as the ones we focus on. We also obtain the adequate samples to send out to different laboratories for bacterial and fungal cultures, bird sexing, biopsies, multiple endocrine tests, multiple infectious diseases tests and metal toxicity panels.

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Microchip Placement and Identification

We place microchips to properly identify pets in the event they get lost by accident or during a natural disaster (Hurricanes). If you find a pet we can also scan it to try to locate the owner. Please refer to the main tab for more information on microchipping your pet.

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